About Me

I am a Chief Information Officer (CIO) with over 15 years experience leveraging various technologies in non-profit environments such as Community/ Urban Planning, Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Youth Workforce, and Family & Child Services.

I started this blog to share the knowledge, experiences, tips and tricks that I have gathered over the years in various non-profit organizations. There is no shortage of information and advice for CIOs on the Internet. But most of what is available is tuned for someone working either in a for-profit setting, or in a large non-profits with fully matured processes and governance structures. But if your non-profit is like any of the ones I’ve worked in, then you are working with professionals dedicated to the cause, but lacking understanding of basic business processes and structures. How do you institute ITIL or COBIT in a setting where no one even understands what ISO is?

If this sounds like your non-profit, then this is the blog for you. I’m sure you’ll find something useful and familiar in my postings. And if not, I’m sure at least you’ll get a laugh. Please share your comments, experiences, or feedback.

If you want to quote me or any of the postings on this blog, please do so by mentioning “WarriorCIO” and the full title of this blog with a URL link, trackback, or pingback to “The Warrior CIO”.

Thank you for stopping by WarriorCIO.com

I do not mention names of people or organizations that I work(ed) with. The views expressed on this blog are solely my own. All material is copyrighted. I and the commentators take ownership and responsibility of our postings herein. All information is provided without warranty and “as-is”.

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