Under the Weather…

Hey guys, I’m sorry for not posting this morning. I caught a dose this weekend. I thought that I had it licked, but this cold came back with a vengeance this morning and laid me out for most of the day. I hope its not the flu, as my joints are all achy. I should be back on schedule in the next couple of days. But make it up to all of you, I’ll leave you with this hint about my next series.

What would you do, if you could go back in time and talk to yourself on Day 1 at your current IT assignment? What would you say? What would you change about how you approached your job? Or would you even change anything? Well join me on this journey of exploration and Monday morning quarter-backing, as I begin the series How to be a Non-Profit CIO.


About The Warrior

The Warrior spends time as the Chief Information Officer at a Philadelphia non-profit, the father of 2, an amateur astronomer, a coffee aficionado, as a home theatre enthusiast, and a science fiction author.
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